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www.wsj.com 29.04.2022 03:25 Oklahoma Legislature Passes Six-Week Abortion Ban Bill
www.wsj.com 28.04.2022 14:11 Opinion | How Badly Will the Democrats Lose the Midterm Elections?
www.wsj.com 27.04.2022 21:09 Russia’s Economic Data Don’t Reflect Impact of Ukraine War and Western Sanctions
www.wsj.com 27.04.2022 02:19 Opinion | Abortion and the Supreme Court
edition.cnn.com 23.04.2022 17:57 Can red states regulate abortions performed outside their borders? A post-Roe landscape would test just that
edition.cnn.com 22.04.2022 12:15 Republicans build momentum as they drive anti-LGBTQ legislation nationwide
www.wsj.com 22.04.2022 00:07 Judge Temporarily Blocks Enforcement of Kentucky’s New Abortion Restrictions
www.wired.com 20.04.2022 14:09 Humanity Is Vibe-Checking Itself to Death
edition.cnn.com 19.04.2022 13:11 Why the Republican offensive on abortion is escalating
edition.cnn.com 19.04.2022 09:45 Bodycam footage shows police catching toddlers out of burning building window
edition.cnn.com 19.04.2022 00:59 Cristiano Ronaldo announces death of his baby boy: You are our angel
edition.cnn.com 18.04.2022 12:31 As Roe v. Wade hangs in the balance, Democratic candidates prioritize abortion rights in 2022
edition.cnn.com 18.04.2022 10:35 Video shows moment parents find out their missing son has been found
edition.cnn.com 17.04.2022 14:11 Black women fear the steady rise in abortion restrictions across the US will worsen maternal health crisis
edition.cnn.com 16.04.2022 16:45 4 states moved to restrict abortion access this week
www.wsj.com 14.04.2022 21:27 Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs 15-Week Abortion Ban Into Law
edition.cnn.com 14.04.2022 13:23 The gender binary was always a story. Now we can tell ourselves a new one
www.wsj.com 14.04.2022 03:43 Kentucky Legislature Overrides Governor’s Veto, Passes Abortion Restrictions
www.cnbc.com 13.04.2022 16:47 Yelp, Citi, Apple and more are expanding employee benefits to cover abortion care
www.wsj.com 12.04.2022 21:47 Yelp Joins Apple, Citigroup, Other Companies Covering Travel Costs for Abortions
edition.cnn.com 12.04.2022 12:33 Oklahoma governor to sign near-total ban on abortion into law Tuesday
edition.cnn.com 12.04.2022 09:57 Indonesia passes landmark sexual violence bill, overcoming conservative opposition
edition.cnn.com 10.04.2022 23:45 Texas district attorney says he will drop murder charge against woman in connection with 'self-induced abortion'
www.wsj.com 10.04.2022 16:33 School Reopening Mess Drives Frustrated Parents Toward GOP
www.wsj.com 07.04.2022 18:51 Michigan Governor, Abortion-Rights Groups Challenge Dormant State Abortion Ban
edition.cnn.com 07.04.2022 06:29 The quest for égalité: What's at stake for women in the French election
www.wsj.com 06.04.2022 00:05 Oklahoma Legislature Passes Near-Total Ban on Abortion
edition.cnn.com 05.04.2022 07:05 Book bans move to center stage in the red-state education wars
www.wsj.com 01.04.2022 16:37 Support for 15-Week Abortion Ban Outweighs Opposition, WSJ Poll Finds
edition.cnn.com 01.04.2022 08:59 Police say 5 fetuses found in a DC home allegedly owned by an anti-abortion activist