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www.wsj.com 21.06.2022 21:45 Opinion | Notable & Quotable: Justice Sotomayor on Justice Thomas
www.wsj.com 21.06.2022 21:13 Facebook Parent Meta Agrees to End Alleged Discriminatory Practices in Housing Ads
www.cnbc.com 21.06.2022 21:09 DOJ settles lawsuit with Facebook over allegedly discriminatory housing advertising
www.wsj.com 21.06.2022 21:09 Glencore Subsidiary Pleads Guilty to Bribery Charges in U.K.
edition.cnn.com 21.06.2022 19:18 Frustrated with January 6 hearings, Trump turns ire toward his allies
edition.cnn.com 21.06.2022 19:18 Top US 'Nazi hunter' to lead Justice Department effort to uncover war crimes in Ukraine
www.wsj.com 21.06.2022 18:12 Supreme Court Rules Maine Must Include Religious Schools in Tuition Program
edition.cnn.com 21.06.2022 17:06 Supreme Court says certain gun crimes are not 'crimes of violence' under federal law
www.wsj.com 21.06.2022 17:06 U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland Visits Ukraine to Discuss Investigating War Crimes
edition.cnn.com 21.06.2022 16:00 Opinion: Waiting, fearing and cheering -- America anticipates Supreme Court's verdict on Roe v. Wade
edition.cnn.com 21.06.2022 13:54 Opinion: How liberals should rethink their view of the Supreme Court
edition.cnn.com 21.06.2022 11:34 'I had PTSD': Culture of abuse in British gymnastics leaves lasting legacy on its victims
edition.cnn.com 21.06.2022 11:34 What to watch for in January 6 hearing focused on pressure campaign in the states
www.wsj.com 21.06.2022 09:05 ‘Finding Judge Crater’ Review: Hot Town, Cold Case
edition.cnn.com 21.06.2022 08:45 Texas GOP's election denial underscores the ongoing threat that's central message of Jan. 6 hearings
www.wsj.com 20.06.2022 22:50 Opinion | A ‘Night of Rage’ on Abortion
edition.cnn.com 20.06.2022 17:28 Todd and Julie Chrisley break silence after fraud convictions
edition.cnn.com 20.06.2022 13:38 Supreme Court rushes to end a term like no other
www.cnbc.com 20.06.2022 10:09 Four-day week? These firms say they've nailed the new working model and profits are good
edition.cnn.com 20.06.2022 07:37 America is on edge, and that's bad news for the White House
edition.cnn.com 19.06.2022 22:41 US is worried about Russia using new efforts to exploit divisions in 2022 midterms
edition.cnn.com 19.06.2022 18:40 Tuesday's January 6 hearing will show evidence of Trump's role in fake electors scheme, Schiff says
www.cnbc.com 19.06.2022 17:34 Parents who raise compassionate, self-aware kids do these 4 things when talking to their children about race
www.cnbc.com 19.06.2022 16:27 3 books that celebrate the Black experience to read this Juneteenth
www.cnbc.com 19.06.2022 16:23 Black business owners under the age of 20 on critical early success lessons
edition.cnn.com 19.06.2022 16:01 Opinion: Emma Thompson's new film captures the truth about sex
edition.cnn.com 19.06.2022 06:25 Colombia needs a leader who'll implement the peace accord. For women, it's a matter of life and death
www.wsj.com 18.06.2022 17:51 Opinion | The Jan. 6 Committee Calls Ginni Thomas
www.cnbc.com 18.06.2022 17:04 Pandemic-era checks rewired how these Americans see money: 'Stimulus changed how I think about what's possible'
www.cnbc.com 18.06.2022 15:19 Juneteenth: Why financial literacy needs to be part of the holiday celebration