Foreign affairs

This class includes: - administration and operation of the ministry of foreign affairs and diplomatic and consular missions stationed abroad or at offices of international organisations - administration, operation and support for information and cultural services intended for distribution beyond national boundaries - aid to foreign countries, whether or not routed through international organisations - provision of military aid to foreign countries - management of foreign trade, international financial and foreign technical affairs

Companies with this activity
Kancelář zdravotního pojištění z.s.99,625 - 49 zaměstnancůhttp://www.kancelarzp.czLicence is requiredLicence is required
Trojzemí, o.p.s.99,1Neuvedeno
SPEEL PRAHA s.r.o.98,350 - 99 zaměstnancůhttp://www.speel.czLicence is requiredLicence is required
AREGUA o.p.s.72,0Neuvedeno
"CLUB 2002 o.p.s."57,2Neuvedeno
Mládežnická unie "MOST", z.ú.41,2Neuvedeno
WATER and ENERGY for LIFE o.p.s.39,9Neuvedeno
Česko-německo-polské porozumění, o.p.s.38,1Neuvedeno
China Czech Organization o.p.s.12,0Neuvedenohttp://www.chinaczech.orgLicence is required