Extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas

This division includes the production of crude petroleum, the mining and extraction of oil from oil shale and oil sands and the production of natural gas and recovery of hydrocarbon liquids. This division includes the activities of operating and/or developing oil and gas field properties. Such activities may include drilling, completing and equipping wells; operating separators, emulsion breakers, desalting equipment and field gathering lines for crude petroleum; and all other activities in the preparation of oil and gas up to the point of shipment from the producing property.

Companies by activities: Extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas

Companies with this activity
MND Drilling & Services a.s.99,9250 - 499 zaměstnancůhttp://www.mnd-drilling.eu/cs/Licence is requiredLicence is required
MND a.s.99,7250 - 499 zaměstnancůhttp://www.mnd.czLicence is requiredLicence is required
MONTGAS, a.s.99,250 - 99 zaměstnancůhttp://www.montgas.czLicence is requiredLicence is required
AGRO PERTOLTICE, a.s.99,150 - 99 zaměstnancůhttp://www.agropertoltice.czLicence is requiredLicence is required
REMAT PLUS Zlín, s.r.o.98,610 - 19 zaměstnanců
PTÁCY s.r.o.90,61 - 5 zaměstnanců
MND Gas Storage a.s.90,525 - 49 zaměstnancůhttp://www.gasstorage.czLicence is requiredLicence is required
LAMA GAS & OIL s.r.o.86,625 - 49 zaměstnancůhttp://www.lamagroup.cz/lama-gas-oilLicence is requiredLicence is required
Vinařství Tomáše Juráka s.r.o.82,61 - 5 zaměstnanců
WellTest s.r.o.73,91 - 5 zaměstnancůhttp://www.welltest.czLicence is requiredLicence is required
TAXES OIL s.r.o.66,71 - 5 zaměstnanců
NAFTA a.s. - organizační složka60,1Neuvedeno
Moravia Gas Storage a.s.58,825 - 49 zaměstnanců
UNIMASTER spol. s r.o.58,71 - 5 zaměstnanců
HYDROGEO, spol. s r.o.27,0Neuvedeno
Erasport, s. r. o.26,910 - 19 zaměstnanců
PAXAN s.r.o.25,9Neuvedeno
Karotáž a cementace, s.r.o.21,925 - 49 zaměstnancůhttp://www.karotaz.czLicence is requiredLicence is required
PÍSKOVNA BRATČICE - LEDCE s.r.o.17,8Neuvedeno
Premium Stock, a.s.17,3Neuvedeno
ORYX GROUP s.r.o.12,91 - 5 zaměstnanců
NAFTA Services, s.r.o.10,710 - 19 zaměstnanců
Autodoprava Engine s.r.o.10,11 - 5 zaměstnanců
Cleverbillboard s.r.o.9,9Neuvedeno
BMC International s.r.o.8,7Neuvedeno